INWA (Indonesian Nonwoven Association) was established in 2016. It was started with an initial gathering  held in 17 December 2013 in Bandung and participated by delegations from ANFA (Asia Nonwoven Fabrics Association) and EDANA (European Disposables and Nonwovens Association). This gathering initiated a need to establish an association in Indonesia that can cater the needs of nonwoven players. Since then, several nonwoven players in Indonesia began to hold a quarterly meeting, worked together to establish Indonesian Nonwoven Assocition.

                                                                                      SEJARAH INWA

INWA (Indonesian Nonwoven Association)  didirikan pada tahun 2016. INWA (Indonesian Nonwoven Association) dimulai dengan pertemuan awal yang diadakan di 17 Desember 2013 di Bandung dan diikuti oleh delegasi dari ANFA (Asia Nonwoven Fabrics Association) dan EDANA (European Disposables and Nonwovens Association). Pertemuan ini diinisiasikan oleh kebutuhan untuk mendirikan sebuah asosiasi di Indonesia yang dapat memenuhi kebutuhan para pelaku nonwoven. Sejak itu, beberapa pelaku nonwoven di Indonesia mulai mengadakan pertemuan kuartalan, bekerja sama untuk mendirikan asosiasi Nonwoven di Indonesia